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Baldi's Basics - Full Game Early Demo

Ever since the Baldi's Basics Kickstarter was successfully funded, I've been working on a full version of the game. This demo offers a small slice of a couple of new features that will be in the full game,  random events and and special structures. This demo only includes one level, but in it you'll find some new structures, and you'll also get to experience the new random events that activate every few minutes! The full game will include the new features shown in this demo, as well as randomly generated levels, field trip mini-games, multiple levels of increasing difficulty, and more. Not to mention lots of new characters and items!

This game is still in development!

Remember, this demo is for a game that is still in development, which means that it will likely show the signs of something that is still a work-in-progress. Not all planned features are in the game yet, even some that were in the original game haven't been implemented yet, since I've been prioritizing other areas of development. So if you see something that seems unfinished, that's because it is! When the full game releases there will be much more polish than what you see now.

This game is still a horror game!

If you've never heard of Baldi's Basics before, it's important to know that this is not actual edutainment, but it is, in fact, a tongue-in-cheek horror game. It's family friendly, but still includes some things that could scare players. This demo is relatively light on horror-type content though, and the full game will have much more than what is seen here.

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Why doesn't Gotta Sweep have a closet? Where's the You Can Think Pad? Why are all the faculty only rooms so empty?

If you have a question like this, the answer is simple: The game isn't finished yet! Like I said, there are still lots of things I haven't gotten around to adding yet. Right now I'm at the stage where I just program the game so that everything works, and I'll worry about adding the finer details closer to the end of the game's development.

Can I make mods of this demo?

I love seeing all the mods people make of the original game, but with this demo being for what will be a paid piece of software, I would prefer if any mods created for this were distributed without redistributing the game itself. What I mean is, any mods created for this should be shared by sharing the original files you created, with instructions that explain how users can install those files into their copy of the demo. This is something that will be absolutely necessary for mods of the full game when it releases.

Does this demo have a secret ending?

I'll save you all the trouble and confirm that this demo doesn't have a secret ending. The full game will have plenty of secrets though!

This isn't very scary. Is this still supposed to be a horror game?

This demo definitely doesn't have much focus on being creepy, mostly just on gameplay. In the full game, I plan on ensuring the game has more creepy elements to it, although I don't think it will ever be "scary". I'm going to go light on the jump scares (The Baldi jumpscare barely even counts as a jumpscare due to how predictable it is) and focus more and giving the game a creepy and unsettling atmosphere.

Will this demo be released for any mobile devices?

Nope, I have no plans to release this on mobile devices but for now I made a fake version ok

Have you pointed out that this demo is subject to change too many times?

Yes, but that's subject to change as well.

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Download demo

Baldis Basics demo 1.1 .APK 50 MB

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it me

Why did you not friend request xforbattle on roblox

Can you join me in My Other Baldi RP

It’s a Roblox game

Join me in baldi basics demo rp


Can you please send me a copy of of your game

Who are you talking to



Is baldi's basics super duper ultra fast version finished? 

I did not convert the file I will need a computer to do tha

(1 edit)

I had 8 notebooks arts and crafters teleported me far by baldi and he caught me at the third elevator

guys I got all 8 notebooks and arts and crafters teleported me to where I collected the 2nd notebook and I got the second elevator and that rotation thing where baldi goes the other way I got 3 elevators when he was so faster then me baldi got me

I oofed at 3 elevators

we are waiting for the update on the game



I got 8 notebooks in full game demo and 3 elevators and I oofed

Super duper ultra fast is not a decompiled mod

Its a normal mod


Join my discord





 error 4 U


U no owner of dis website

I know iam

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Fruggy 4 u

Pls add 

Ban hammer basic

after I make super duper ultra fast android


Do you now when the Super duper ultra fast mod for Android is finished? 

if I can convert the file then I will be finished

Ok  what mod are you going to make next for Android? 

unknown educational software


Pls baldi basic full game public demo PLS

he is working on it


And make a link to the game update

update the game plz Sonic

(1 edit)

Can you do a gameplay of baldi super duper ultra fast on youtube


Witch android mod should I make after super duper ultra fast

1.unknown educational software

2.super fast edition

3.first prize basics

Unknown education software 

Then first prize basics 

Then super fast Edition

Then so on and on 

ok I will make unknown educational software on android after super duper ultra fast

have you heard of super duper ultra fast edition


A decompile mod

are you talking to me



it is a game banana mod

Hey BaldiSonicFilmsDev play Bear (Alpha) Roblox

Um the one with “Baldi-bear” YES

The first built of the game is almoast here 

I’m so excited

Yes Finally got it thanks so much for the update of the game demo

Play baldi better basics with the Christmas event

(1 edit)

Ok but I might be to late 

I did it

I was too late

can you play baldi’s Basics obby by yuri12321

(1 edit)

Um.. decompile or Roblox


You’re not online


hello :)

Oh super duper ultra fast edition is a mod

Can you friend me on roblox

what's your username 


I sent you a request

(1 edit)

Friend my oldest account nothing bad happins there: PghLFan1945

Edit: wait it join yesterday so it's not that old lol

Theres a problem! Im dowlonded the mod and its just gived me old baldi basics

Who are you talking to

i beat baldi’s basics with 1 SODA at the 5th notebook and 2 SODA’S at the 6th and 7th notebook

Well I don't know how to decompile super duper ultra fast

Windows 10 or mac os x

I know it will take me a while to get a windows computer

Who heard of mods like for an example I prefer super fast edition

I know that I'm working on super duper ultra fast android


Hard to convert  SuperFastEdition.exe to SuperFastEdition.apk

it is :| 

I know a app for Android called droidexer

It converts exe to apk files

I used a website called point908.net

It unfriended you when I deleted roblox and reopened it


yay two years ago I was wanting the ultra fast 

If i convert the file to android file

Who knows about the super fast mode of baldi's basics

When I get a laptop I will:

1: make the best mods 

2: make Android version of all mods 


These will be very good that they will have console support

Make baldi's basics super fast mode

And Super duper ultra fast mode

The first mod going to be for android is Baldis Basics and a little bit of everything

Its going to be a long time till I get the laptop


It keeps redirecting me to home page


Thats a problem I will fix that $OON :( waiting is hard though i can't make it faster 

(1 edit)

here is this Kickstarter for baldi's basics full game Android Click here to see

It's not the Android demo.  It's a 1.4.1 Baldis basics classic. Can you please fix it

i will fix it soon okay



Hey here's a better (still fake lol) screenshot for your page

Looks so real but I know its fake I'mma use image if it's ok 

How did you do this?

cant tell ...

ibis paint

that looks awesome it looks like it's actually in the game that's better than BaldiSonicfilms YT he made it look like he was a 5 year old which he is but yours looks better anyway then the five year olds drawing of it

thank? I guess. But don't hate on him, it was just to demonstrate how it works.

i like your games


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