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BaldiSonicFilms here is the link for admin on my new project


Look at my YouTube channel

BaldiSonicFilms u should look at all of my videos

BaldiSonicFilms can u fix my page

1.4.1  for Android


Game version:1.4.1

super duper Ultra fast Mod version1.6.2

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No spaming
No swearing
No inappropriate stuff
No Songs with swear words
No forcing me to do stuff only ask
No Baldi song "you're mine"
No memes with inappropriate things
Yes fan art Buttt NO hate art

These are the rules

Last Rule: Oh wait and Keep it family friendly

I know

Also when I’m done with all 3 android mods go ahead and look at them

BaldiSonicFilms join my discord ok


No spam and I'm in


BaldiSonicFilms I Made A Discord Server

I’m on your discord server BaldiSonicFilms

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Can you do a video of Simon says BaldiSonicFilms



umm can we play it


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Are you going to be online In a minute

Join me in Simon says




are you going to be on Roblox 

just asking

it me

Why did you not friend request xforbattle on roblox

Can you join me in My Other Baldi RP

It’s a Roblox game

Join me in baldi basics demo rp


Can you please send me a copy of of your game

Who are you talking to



Is baldi's basics super duper ultra fast version finished? 

I did not convert the file I will need a computer to do tha

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I had 8 notebooks arts and crafters teleported me far by baldi and he caught me at the third elevator

guys I got all 8 notebooks and arts and crafters teleported me to where I collected the 2nd notebook and I got the second elevator and that rotation thing where baldi goes the other way I got 3 elevators when he was so faster then me baldi got me

I oofed at 3 elevators

we are waiting for the update on the game



I got 8 notebooks in full game demo and 3 elevators and I oofed

Super duper ultra fast is not a decompiled mod

Its a normal mod


Join my discord




 error 4 U


U no owner of dis website

I know iam

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Fruggy 4 u

Pls add 

Ban hammer basic

after I make super duper ultra fast android


Do you now when the Super duper ultra fast mod for Android is finished? 

if I can convert the file then I will be finished

Ok  what mod are you going to make next for Android? 

unknown educational software


Pls baldi basic full game public demo PLS

he is working on it


And make a link to the game update

update the game plz Sonic

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Can you do a gameplay of baldi super duper ultra fast on youtube


Witch android mod should I make after super duper ultra fast

1.unknown educational software

2.super fast edition

3.first prize basics

Unknown education software 

Then first prize basics 

Then super fast Edition

Then so on and on 

ok I will make unknown educational software on android after super duper ultra fast

have you heard of super duper ultra fast edition


A decompile mod

are you talking to me



it is a game banana mod

Hey BaldiSonicFilmsDev play Bear (Alpha) Roblox

Um the one with “Baldi-bear” YES

The first built of the game is almoast here 

I’m so excited

Yes Finally got it thanks so much for the update of the game demo

Play baldi better basics with the Christmas event

(1 edit)

Ok but I might be to late 

I did it

I was too late

can you play baldi’s Basics obby by yuri12321

(1 edit)

Um.. decompile or Roblox


You’re not online


hello :)

Oh super duper ultra fast edition is a mod

Can you friend me on roblox

what's your username 


I sent you a request

(1 edit)

Friend my oldest account nothing bad happins there: PghLFan1945

Edit: wait it join yesterday so it's not that old lol

Theres a problem! Im dowlonded the mod and its just gived me old baldi basics

Who are you talking to

i beat baldi’s basics with 1 SODA at the 5th notebook and 2 SODA’S at the 6th and 7th notebook

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